Calaveras Mexican Cantina & Tequila Bar | Newtown

Calaveras Mexican Cantina is an upbeat Tequila Bar located in Newtown. Serving a wide variety of Mexican tapas style food, you will be sure to find something enticing on the menu. We visited on a Friday evening after work and the atmosphere perfect to wind down after a long and tiring week. We grabbed the menu and went a little bit crazy. The lighting was terrible for photos, sorry in advance!

Michelada Cubana & Frozen Lemon Margarita
We are all for trying new food and drinks and the Michelada Cubana stood out from a mile away. It is a combination of lime juice chipotle and rio brazo beer, with a chilli salt rim. The burn from the chipotle lime juice and chilli salt lingered at the back of your throat, but oddly enough it was really refreshing. This was the stand out of the night, something we will remember and likely re-visit for again. The frozen lemon margarita was so strong, a certain someone was getting a little tipsy!

 Al Pastor & Senor Pollo
The servings are small, but the flavour is huge. The Al Pastor contains pulled pork guajillo and is topped with pinapple, coriander and onion. The pineapple made all the difference as it gave the taco some much needed moisture. The pulled pork was on the drier side, but all together it was quite a nice taco. The taco seen in the background was the chicken option that included red cabbage, chilli crema and salsa verde. The chicken was similar to the pork, in that it was quite dry. The chilli crema and salsa verde provided the punchy flavours that brought together the chicken and cabbage.

 Flautas de Pollo
The Flautas de Pollo is a serving of three crispy taquitos, each filled with the guijillo chicken and topped with feta, chipotle mayo and guacamole. The recurring theme through all dishes so far was how dry each dish was. There was no where near enough chipotle mayo to compensate and the combination of chicken, guacamole and feta just screams "dry". We ended up dipping the taquito in the enchiladas verdes sauce (below).

 Enchiladas Verdes
The enchaladas verded tasted and even looked very similar to the taquitos but topped with much more sauce. Pulled chicken rests inside of piping hot corn tortillas and topped with salsa verde, feta, drizzled crema and a side of pinto beans. The presentation was impressive and while the chicken was dry, soaking up the tortilla in the salsa verde did the trick well. 

Ricotta Cheesecake
We have said this before, but presentation is king. When we ordered the ricotta cheesecake we really didn't know what to expect. Our eyes widened as it was presented on the table and we couldn't wait to dig in! The texture was very odd and not what you would expect from a cheesecake. Normally a cheesecake is dense and heavy, but this was the complete opposite. It actually followed similar suit to the other food and tasted a bit dry and powdery. It might be because of the ricotta, so we can't really put our finger on it. It was still quite enjoyable, just liquor yourself up at the bar with some more tequila!

Snapshots score: P5T5A4S4.5V3.5 (O3.1/5)

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Perfectly cooked pork using the 6-2-2 method | Australian Pork

You may have noticed the Australian Pork commercials playing recently, with the iconic Barry White music playing in the background. This time however, we are not being told to go pork anyone while the sensual music implies other meanings (hilarious as it is), but instead are being educated on the benefits of eating pork and how to cook the perfect pork steak using the 6-2-2 method. Being brutally honest, this ad always had us questioning whether it was really that simple. So we took the full instructions to the test, and off to the kitchen we ventured! Spoiler alert.. we were very surprised and satisfied with the outcome.  Let us tell you a little bit about the 6-2-2 method.
Run out to your local butcher right this moment and tell them that Matt and Christie ordered you to purchase pork steak, roughly 2cm in thickness. Roll on over (or walk like a normal person) to your supermarket and buy your condiments to really enjoy this piece of meat.   Pre-heat a pan (we used a griddle pan which is a must have in your kitchen).  Cook the pork on one side without turning for 6 minutes. Then flip the pork and cook the other side for a further 2 minutes and when the 8 minute timer has rung, quickly take the pork off the heat, making sure to wipe up any of the juices in the process and allow the pork to rest for another 2 minutes. It is critical to let the pork sit in it's juices, so when removing the pork steak, avoid flipping it back onto the first side. VIOLA, you are left with a perfect piece of pork steak, cooked white though but still retaining the lovely juices and ensuring your pork is not dry!

When it comes to the question ‘what goes well with pork’ – we are stuck for words. Matt is used to having pork with apple sauce, vegetables and a side serving of gravy. Christie on the other hand is used to having pork thinly sliced, marinated or even as a takeaway option i.e. crispy pork belly from Cabramatta. We thought why not try something different, so we made a salmeura suce to accompany the pork!
Not to toot our own horn here.. but god damn this sauce was delicious – and the remaining sauce can be eaten on toast the next day! What you will need for the sauce is 1tbsp of balsamic vinegar,  parsley, chives and garlic. Add 3 tbsp of olive oil, 1/2 a small onion and roughly 1/4 a cup of water and crushed pistachios. Mix it all together and spread as required. We are quite amateaurs when it comes to cooking, but even so overcooking a good piece of meat is a crime. The 6-2-2 method has worked so well for us and we have recently perfected cooking beef steak, so adding the 6-2-2 pork steak method to our knowledge bank was certainly a great addition.

Disclaimer: Snapshots of Food was gifted a $50 debit card by Social Soup to use for the Australian Pork project

Kafe Neo | Kogarah

Locals can't seem to get enough of Kafe Neo! It was brimming with customers for the whole time we were dining (and you know how us foodies take our time!). What is even more impressive is that the cafe is located about 20 minutes away from the nearest train station, Kogarah, which means that people are travelling out of their way to visit! Serving all day breakfast, burgers and salads, there are a number of different options available.

Campos coffee is served at Kafe Neo. While it's probably our least favourite coffee bean, the barrista made great work of the beans and it actually turned out quite pleasant. The chai late was super sweet and Christie was super happy!

Acai Bowl
In North Sydney, before everything was demolished to make way for the new metro line, we had many food court options. The go to place was Altitude Juice Bar in Tower Square - they served soup, salad, rice paper roll place that did great juices. It was here where I first tried an Acai Bowl. It's pronounced 'ah-sigh' for those of you who didn't know. I've been craving for an Acai bowl since it closed down and was so glad Kafe Neo had this as a menu item! The addition of granola, coconut and fresh fruits (kiwi and strawberry) were the perfect way to serve this. It is best eaten as a mixture as unappealing as it might look... this is a fantastic dish for summer but unfortunately winter is coming. 

Neo's Beef Burger
The burger was presented nicely with a thick beef pattie, haloumi, tomoato and lettuce ... out of two toasted buns and served with a side of beer battered chips. We were quite impressed actually. The burger itself was nice, a fancier version of a beef burger you would typically see at your local fish and chips shop. This was a complete change to the burgers we have been demolishing lately and while it had nice flavours, the burger was a little dry in whole resulting in some left over bread. 

 Chicken Risotto 
This chicken risotto was worth the wait and was one of the tastiest risotto we have tasted in a long time. It came out piping hot and remained hot (even after a few photos). The strong garlic butter flavour seeped through to be the main taste. That's not to take away from the sauteed mushrooms, spinach, and parmesan cheese which just added to the taste. The proportioning is also quite large and we unfortunately didn't get to finish it. We would definitely recommend this as a sharing plate!
The perfect dish to keep you warm this winter at Kafe Neo. 

Snapshots score: P8, T7, A3, S5V3.5 (O3.8/5)

Disclaimer: Snapshots of Food dined as guests of Kafe Neo and CPM Online Marketing
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La Floraison | Regent Place, Town Hall

With the Instagram hype right now, we couldn't resist but to visit La Floraison. The ability to 3D print your own design on your cup of cappuccino or latte was what attracted us to visit, but it seems the functionality isn't available as of yet and as such we had to select from a range of preset images.
So it was a must to get Snapshots of Food printed on a coffee!

The coffee was nothing spectacular, in actual fact the coffee wasn't really enjoyable at all and it tasted somewhat burnt, but the idea was gimmicky and we obviously fell victim for another gimmick! (dammit Matt!)

Rose Flower
To be honest, Christie also got suckered into the gimmicks! We ordered the rose flower jelly as it was another Instagram must have. Don't be deceived by the photos on Instagram and Facebook, because the size of rose flower jelly was merely three fingers in width. It was tiny, like 2 bites tiny. To make things worse.. there was no flavour at all. It seems to have missed something very important, perhaps some coconut or even sugar syrup to give it a bit of depth. These cakes can be found locally in Cabramatta for a third of the price and has heaps of jelly cakes in all sorts of flavour like coconut, pandan, chocolate, strawberry and durian. 

We travelled quite out of the way to visit La Floraison; and while it is a beautiful little cafe that has been decorated by what we could only imagine to be mystical little fairies... the food doesn't hold up. 
 If you are still keen on the idea of personalised printing, La Floraison is located in Regents Place in the Sydney CBD.

Snapshots score: P8, T2.5, A5, S5V2.5 (O2.3/5)

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Burnt Orange | Chatswood Chase

Burnt Orange has got to be one of the prettiest cafe's we have seen, especially for one located right in the middle of Chatswood Chase! It's filled with beautiful fake flowers and completely outfitted with greenery in every possible location. It is enough to brighten up your day shopping, it definitely made for a great visual relief among a sea of retail stores. Other than your breakfast and lunch options, Burnt Orange also caters high tea (but you have to book in advance). It's a great way to plan a girls day out followed with shopping! Who can say no to that?

 Whichever side you are coming from, you won't miss the Burnt Orange signs. It looks simple and somewhat luxurious, suited for the location amidst the high-end brands.

We ordered a cappuccino which was brought out in a lovely teal coloured mug with some pretty latte art. We enjoy seeing love and passion put into making a coffee because you really can notice a difference between a coffee that is carefully prepared by the hands of a skilled barrista, and a half arsed job. We can really appreciate the intricacies of making coffee having been to coffee classes and seeing first hand how hard it is!

The Breakfast Deluxe
Pictures do not do this justice. The plate is huge! Underneath the quail eggs, maple bacon, micro basil, fresh corn, vine tomato and lots of mozzarella is actually 2 pieces of thick cut brioche. The best way to describe this dish would be to call it a pizza breakfast and just like any pizza, the salad is unwanted! This dish was substantial, but the taste wasn't really to our appeal. The quail eggs were fried rather than boiled, which almost defeated the purpose and it could have easily been replaced with chicken eggs to reduce the price. The rest was just cheesey the other elements were too few. When you did get some corn, tomato, maple bacon (which looked and tasted like ham) and cheese on your fork, it was actually quite nice, but that was far too uncommon.

Eggs Benedict on toasted brioche with Alaskan King Crab
Have you ever had eggs benedict with crab? I've seen bacon and salmon but never crab and as such we were really excited to dig into it! It came out to the table and looked pretty but wondered where the other half of the crab went. The portion of crab on the plate was very scarce and we had to restrain ourselves with the amount that we used for each piece of toast. For those who are not big on seafood, avoid this as the crab had a very strong fishy taste which didn't stop us from finishing. The entirety of the dish was unusual. We will probably stick to the usual bacon with eggs benedict but glad that we gave this a try.

Snapshots score: P9, T5.5, A4, S3, V3 (O3.5/5)

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Disclaimer: Snapshots of Food dined as guests of Burnt Orange Chatswood and CPM Online Marketing