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Welcome to our food and travel blog.

Snapshots of Food is run by Matt and Christie, a couple on a journey to discover great food in and around Sydney. Matt is the photographer, Christie is the reviewer and they both contribute to writing each post. They love traveling to explore new cultures, landmarks and food.

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All photos featured on Snapshots of Food  are taken by us and all opinions expressed are our own.

Snapshots of Food scoring system
Introduced May 2017
  • Presentation (P /10): The score will be based on our initial reaction. WOW us from the beginning with a beautiful creation.
  • Taste (T /10): The score will be based on the taste, but more importantly the quality of the food. This is the most important criteria and will make up half the overall score.
  • Atmosphere (A /5): The score will be based on the view, decoration, music, and general vibe of the venue. Creativity, uniqueness and fun factor are at play here!
  • Service (S /5): The score will be based on the level of service and observed wait times. 
  • Value for Money (V /5): The score will be based off whether we thought the food was good value for money. In our opinion, we will assess the portioning, quality and price of the menu and compare it with similar experiences.
  • Overall (O /5): Weighted average of all the above, divided by 10
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Antelope Canyon, 2016